If you want a Fitbit wearable that tracks your heart rate and the flights of stairs you climb, the company’s new Alta probably isn’t for you. But if you’d appreciate a thin, stylish activity tracking wristband, you’ll find a friend in Alta. The Alta Fitbit in particular probably won’t pass as a piece of high-end jewelry, but it does look a little less like a standard Fitbit device. It’s sleeker, slimmer and all around better looking than its predecessors. It also comes with most of the features many folks are looking for in a fitness tracker.

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Alta Fitbit Product Features

alta fitbit

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Display and notifications
More room is given over to the screen than on say, the Charge HR, though with the Blaze, the display can show call, text and calendar alerts but not third party app alerts, from the looks of things. Again, a bit of a missed opportunity. Essentially, this is Fitbit styling up what it already offers elsewhere and nothing more. That said, despite the somewhat basic tracking abilities, the price isn’t too bad considering Fitbit’s beginner friendly app.

Battery Life
Fitbit notes that the battery life of the Alta should span five days depending on usage (a week is pretty standard for screen-less fitness trackers). The proprietary charger is again, different from the other Fitbit chargers. The Alta one is a clamp that connects to the back of the module. It’s definitely more secure than other magnetic chargers.

Design and style
The Luxe models – pink leather, graphite leather an stainless steel – are the more premium models, the Classic models – black, blue, plumb and teal – are what you’ll get at the lower end of the price spectrum. It comes in three sizes: to fit wrists 14 – 17cm, 17 – 20.6cm and 20.6 – 23.6cm. The band itself is 15mm wide.

Activity tracking
With a 3-axis accelerometer, the Alta Fitbit tracks the usual steps, distance, calories burned and active time in minutes.


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There’s no extra features such as GPS or an optical heart rate monitor so it looks like Fitbit is very much looking to focus on the casual lifestyle tracking market it already seems to have cornered.

Select activities are auto detected, using Fitbit’s SmartTrack tech, and are added as workouts within the Fitbit app, as usual. It automatically tracks sleep, too, and reminds you to move enough every hour with 250 step mini goals.


What can be obtained :

1. Alta reminds you to stand up every hour
2. Like Fitbit Flex and Blaze, Alta’s look is customizable
3. Alta has next-generation Fitbit features

Fitbit Alta Review

Here is one of the honest Fitbit Alta review by B’s Mom. That already purchase and use this product.

I’m writing this review because so many people are whining about the new Fitbit Alta. 🙂 Here is an honest review.

The clasp isn’t THAT hard to close. You don’t want it falling off your wrist, so yes, you need to use a little pressure to get it on. But everyone is really making a big deal about it. I upgraded from the Charge HR (which has a buckle like watch), so it did take a little getting used to. It’s in the technique. Align the holes (don’t get the hole and the prong lopsided) and squeeze between your two fingers (rather than pressing on your wrist). I’m 5’3″ and 115 lbs and I can close it just fine. It’ll also get easier as you practice doing it, but that’s with anything. 🙂

Also, I don’t understand the issues others are having with tapping the display. It’s easy to figure out the pressure you need to tap with and the rhythm and it works every time. I think people are getting frustrated and tapping REALLY hard, only for it not to work, thus getting more frustrated and more erratic tapping!!! It’s an even “tap… tap…” about a half second apart. It’s important to use that rhythm because that’s how it designed to function. This tapping feature works exactly like my Charge HR.

I love the slim design of the Alta. I like how it looks less clumsy and bulky on my wrist than the HR. And dressier too, even with the classic band it comes with. I’m not sure how I manage this, but I sleep with my wrists tucked under my head. The Charge HR’s buckle hurt when I slept, but this clasp is smooth and flat, so it doesn’t bother me when I sleep. I’m not really missing the heart rate feature because I didn’t need to know my heart rate 24/7. It was a nice trade off to get a slimmer device.

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